June 15, 2009

hello to hello

hi, Im a newbie here.. but im sooo familiar with shopping blogs as im addicted to it!! soo lets start, hmm I am selling all my stuffs that nuffed my closet bcause im leaving for good in 1 year from now soo im letting go most of my stuffs, all of this stuffs that i have to let go is mine and in tip top condition and i do have few new stuffs taht i bought for this blogspot, all the newbies cloths,
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dress, and bags are from aboard.. mostly indonesia, spore and china so you wont have a similar stuff or get cought having the same cloths as other bcause i never purchased them by online.. i always bought everytings during my holiday and shopping spree and choose that items by myself... so do be sinsfull and make use of my blog, start looking around shoppies ;)

ps: we cant be blamed for shopping!!